Neutral Territory Office Nook - Lucea Row

Neutral Territory: Shabby Chic Home Decor Inspiration

Neutral Territory Office Nook - Lucea Row

Neutral Territory Gallery Wall - Lucea Row

Neutral Territory Bookshelf - Lucea Row

I’ve never seen a neutral color palette done so beautifully! From the shag rugs to the reclaimed wood table, this home is a true source of interior inspiration.

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Neutral Territory Kitchen - Lucea Row

Neutral Territory Office Living Room - Lucea Row

Neutral Territory Bedroom - Lucea Row

Neutral Territory Shabby Chic - Lucea RowImages MilK Magazine via Domaine Home

 This is the Brussels home of interior designer, Muriel Bardinet. She transformed it from a Japanese restaurant into a shabby chic paradise. She changed the courtyard into a lovely  garden and replaced the wall facing it with large windows, allowing natural light to flow freely.

I love the small details in the space. The chalkboard paint in the kitchen makes you want to start writing your grocery list. The gallery wall in the living room adds an artistic touch. A gallery wall is a great place to put large prints of family  photos and art work that inspires you.

I will be doing some redecorating soon, and will definitely incorporate some of the elements from this home into my new dream space.

Have you ever done a major renovation, and if so, how did you stay true to the original space while making it your own?

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