Moodboard - Lucea Row

Weekend Moodboard – Life Inspiration

Moodboard - Lucea Row

Do Whatever Makes You Feel Good

It’s Sunday, and as I head into the new week, I wanted to take a little time to stop and smell the roses. Pinterest is kind of my moodboard for life, and I like to collect little pearls of wisdom and inspirational images to remind myself of my goals and dreams.

More quotables after the jump!

Fashion Sketches - Lucea Row It takes courage - Lucea Row Multicolored Art - Lucea RowImages via Dallas Shaw, The Glitter Guide and Pinterest

I plan to use this blog as a way to explore my creative side, my love of photography. Maybe I’ll even take up drawing.

Do you have a way to keep your creative juices flowing?

More inspirational quotes for a life well-lived on my Well Said board on Pinterest.


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