Nutrisystem review with Nutrisystem costs and benefits Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig

Nutrisystem Review And Costs

You’ve counted calories.

You’ve deprived yourself of all the “good stuff.”

You’ve worked out, measured, weighed, and suffered…

Yet nothing has resulted in the weight loss you deserve.

A lot of people have tried to “go it alone” — thinking they can simply cut calories and follow the standard rules for losing weight.

The thing is, they’re often forgetting to add in the calories that come in certain ingredients.

Or they’re lacking in certain nutrients that cause their bodies to hold onto fat.
Basically, they’re doing something — or eating something — that is making it impossible for them to drop pounds.

If you’ve tried to go it alone and make up your own diet regimen, it can be pretty frustrating. That is, until you figure out that you don’t have to be spending so much time worrying about calories and cooking just the right things.

Someone else can do it for you — and that someone is Nutrisystem!

If you’re one of those people who magically lose weight once they start a weight loss plan, you’re one of the lucky ones. But if you’re not, Nutrisystem may be for you.

Nutrisystem, the number one diet delivery program, has helped thousands — tens of thousands even — of people lose weight, lose it safely, and lose it for the long-term. You might say that Nutrisystem is bar none the fastest way to lose weight.

Ready to start now? Visit the Nutrisystem site.

How Nutrisystem Works

Nutrisystem delivers you a variety of meal plans that typically include a mix of fresh, delicious foods, frozen foods, and re-heat meals. The cost is relatively low, at between $9.64 and $11.96 per day — which usually equals about $240 to $300 per month.

(Before you get sticker shock, think about how much you’re spending on that fast food meal, or that frozen pizza — and that’s just for one meal!)

But to cover the bases of people on different types of budgets, Nutrisystem has three different plans.

There are the Basic, Core, and Uniquely Yours versions, and you can customize your plans according to your needs.
Basic: Includes preselected ‘Ready to Go’ meals.

Core: Adds over 100 foods to a selected plan – customers can select their own foods.

Uniquely Yours: Adds another 150 foods to base plan. Customers can choose their own frozen and ready made foods.

…And then there’s the Turbo 10 — A “kickstarter” program aimed at helping you lose plenty of weight during the first week of Nutrisystem.

If you’ve been de-motivated by your weight loss efforts prior to Nutrisystem, the Turbo 10 can give you the shot of confidence you’ve been needing all along. Think of it as your wing-woman — or wing-man, helping you get over the first big hump.

And best of all, Turbo 10 is included with every plan!

But that’s not the only way you can customize your plan to meet your needs.

Nutrisystem has other program types, allowing you to get a plan tailored just for you:
The Women’s Program spans 28 days and is designed to support women’s health under the Nutrisystem plan.

The Men’s Program spans 28 days and is designed to support men’s health under the Nutrisystem plan.

The Diabetic Plan (also known as Nutrisystem D) spans 28 days and is designed to support people with Type 2 Diabetes.

The Vegetarian plan is the veggie version of Nutrisystem’s available plans.

And Nutrisystem Flex includes 20 days of meals, allowing you to choose your own weekend meals.

Nutrisystem review with Nutrisystem costs and benefits Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig

So what’s the food like?

I know what you’re thinking.

“I’ve already been depriving myself… so is this going to be even worse?”

Here’s the truth: If you’re the type who dines out at foodie restaurants where everything is served with a dash of organic truffle oil, switching to Nutrisystem is going to be an adjustment. The reviews of Nutrisystem’s foods are all over the map — but you are guaranteed to get low-calorie meals that set you on the path to weight loss.

Every meal is healthy and balanced — meaning your body is going to get the foods it needs to fuel you, without cravings and missing out. You no longer have to heat plain breakfast treats or bland dinners you’ve come up with, thinking they’re going to be “healthy.”

That’s the beauty of it — you eat what comes with the plan, and you don’t worry.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Ready to get started? Start your first week of Nutrisystem now!

Is Nutrisystem better than Jenny Craig?

Fair question.

Nutrisystem has the reputation of being much cheaper than Jenny Craig. For one, there are no extra membership fees, and Nutrisystem will even waive the shipping costs.

In case you want a little bit more information, here’s the breakdown:

Nutrisystem Costs:

Women’s Plan (Favorites) costs up to $269.99 per month.
Men’s Favorites Pack plan costs $309.99.
Custom Menu prices vary.
Shipping is completely free for 28 day plans.
Membership fee $0
Enrollment fee $0
Benefits: Allows customers to stay on an easy to follow diet plan to encourage weight loss. Provides plans for men and women. Customers can choose their own foods.

Plans: Basic ($9.64 per day), Core ($10.36 per day) and Uniquely Yours ($11.96 per day).

*All plans include Turbo 10, free FedEx shipping and free online tracking tools and app.
**Nutrisystem Core and Uniquely Yours subscribers also gain unlimited access to expert dietitians and counselors.

Jenny Craig Costs:

Food costs as much as $532 per month (on average).
Shipping costs up to $116 per month (on average).
Membership fees are $19 per month.
Enrollment fee is $99.
Benefits: Provides options for customers to a straightforward diet plan for weight loss. Provides Ready to Go foods (12 days) and frozen foods (16 days).

Plans: All Access – 12 Month Program (free first month), Pay-As-You-Go Month-to-Month Program

*Jenny Craig All Access includes one free month and $49 enrollment fee (limited time offer).
**Members get unlimited access to Personal Consultations, eTools and Personalized Weekly Menus under both plans.

And what do the experts say?

So far you’ve seen the numbers and have gotten some info about the food. But does it actually work like it’s supposed to?

Both independent and Nutrisystem-funded studies say yes.

In 2009, a Nutrisystem-funded study published in Postgraduate Medicine journal revealed that participants lost up to to 18 pounds on average after three months. In comparison, a control group managed to lose 1 pound per month. At six months, the Nutrisystem D participants lost a total 24 pounds on average. The control group – who switched to Nutrisystem D halfway through the study – lost up to 13 pounds on average.

Nutrition Diabetes published a similar study in 2013. The study revealed similar results. Fifty dieters following Nutrisystem D lost an average of 22 pounds in about six months.

What’s more, as much as 79 percent of 100,000 Nutrisystem subscribers, who used the program during 2008-2010, lost 5 percent of their starting weight.

So do I have to work out?

The short answer is probably yes. Exercise is good for your body as well as your mind — and it only makes losing weight easier.

Nutrisystem highly encourages people to exercise, giving a general guideline of 150 minutes of moderately-intense exercise each week.

And in case you need some help, Nutrisystem even has an exercise plan you can follow, complete with a mobile app and website that lets you track your fitness goals.

So should I try Nutrisystem?

If you’ve been down the road of trying to “go it on your own,” then it’s definitely time to get someone in your corner, helping you get just the right number of calories and just the right nutrition for weight loss.

No more building your own custom weight loss plan, no more guesswork.

Just a weight loss program you can count on!

Stop the frustration and get on the road to real fat loss. If you found our Nutrisystem review informative, just click below to try Nutrisystem for yourself!


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