Founded by Hillary Wright — Lucea Row is the ultimate online destination for lifestyle inspiration. Lucea Row profiles the best in health and wellness, fashion, home decor and all things chic. At Lucea Row, it’s our mission to help you be the best you that you can be. You’ll see that mission displayed in all the content we present on this site.

From beauty tips and health reviews to advice on home décor and style, we’re bringing you guidance to help you achieve your personal goals and let your best self shine!

Lucea Row is located in Miami, Florida, a hotbed for fashion-forward, stylish lifestyles focused on health, wellness and fun. We believe living in such a vibrant locale gives us unique insight into living an inspired life, and we treasure the ability to bring that perspective to our readers.

Want another perspective on the new diet you’re thinking of trying? You can get that here. Need guidance to help you through a change to your beauty routine? Our tips and tricks are here to guide you. And if you have a suggestion or question about beauty, home décor, style or health, feel free to send us your inquiry and we’ll do our best to give you the information you want to know!

Whether you’re here for the first time or you’re a repeat visitor, we welcome your ideas and feedback in the comments sections of our blog posts.

We are glad you’re here – so browse around and get to know us!

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